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myCARES Web Services

myCARES now accepts both REST and SOAP requests. Our REST web service is the traditional method vendors have been using for some time. Now, we have added a SOAP web service that allows vendors to use the same functionality they have developed for NEMSIS compliant data submission. See the NEMSIS website for more information about SOAP submissions and NEMSIS.


Both REST submissions and SOAP messages include a way to indicate which XSD to use (NEMSIS 3.3.4 or 3.4.0). myCARES validation does not include a CARES-specific XSD.

When data is submitted using REST or SOAP, an XML file is created on one of our servers for that submission. Each file is then processed as follows:

  1. There is a finite list of items that will cause file rejection in early processing - namely the absence of these custom elements: AgencyID, FormID, ImportVersion, ImportMethod.
  2. Regardless of how that file was submitted, the file is checked against the NEMSIS XSD. If the XML is not well-formed or XSD validation fails, the file is rejected.
  3. If the file passes steps 1 and 2, it is then validated against the NEMSIS schematron. This check produces informational data, since there is no case where the file will be rejected.
  4. The file is validated against the CARES schematron. Any of the custom elements, if present, must pass a proper value or the file will be rejected. Since the file will be rejected at the database level in these cases, we are now stopping processing prior to that. Otherwise, the record will be parsed. The CARES schematron is currently a work in progress. Click HERE for current rules available for testing.
  5. XSD failures and schematron results are available in the File Upload Validation Report, accessed via account login at mycares.net.
  6. XSD/Schematron validations are file-based. The validation information is tied to the agency credentials in your submission. For example, if you are sending a file that contains records for one to multiple agencies, the validation information will only be available in the File Upload Validation Report for the agency (credentials) used to submit the file.

Field Changes/Transition to NEMSIS 3.4.0

myCARES has redefined certain fields to better align with NEMSIS 3.4.0, therefore the following changes have been applied. Please see the XML Data Dictionary for details.

Please refer to Field Changes/Transition to NEMSIS 3.4.0 page for information about fields that must be updated now and later for transition to 3.4.0.

Important notes to all vendor IT developers/programmers:

Please ONLY use the XML Data Dictionary for reference in developing your XML Import file, rather than the CARES (Clinical) Data Dictionary PDF which is ONLY for CARES end users and coordinators. Required fields that must be passed in the XML file for CARES purposes are CARES Questions 1-11, 13-17, 18-28, and 30-33. Optional fields to pass in the XML file are CARES Questions 12, 29, 34-45, and 56-66. If the agency is a CARES/HeartRescue site, all CARES Required and Optional fields 1-45 and 56-66 must be passed. To view PDFs of the CARES fields, please refer to "CARES Required Elements" and/or "emARES Required and Optional Elements".

PARSING NOTES: If an XML file contains a call that already exists in the system with the same Service Date and Incident Number for a given agency (eArrest.14 or Custom element servicedate and eResponse.03), the file will not parse and none of the records within the XML file will be processed.

Test data sent to the Beta server should not contain any PHI.



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