CARES Schematron Rules - NEMSIS 3.3.4/3.4.0

myCARES Schematron Rules - updated 12/10/2018

We are currently developing a CARES-specific schematron. The schematron results are available via the File Upload Validation Report in the respective myCARES account.

Below is a list of current schematron ERROR/FATAL errors available for and in test on myCARES Beta. [FATAL] violations will trigger file rejection and are usually due to an incorrect format or value passed in an element. Because the file would fail at database level in these cases, we are now rejecting them before further parsing. Please check back often for updates.

You can access the current myCARES Schematron here or refer to the below.

  • Date of Arrest is required - either eArrest.14 or custom element servicedate must be present with a valid date value. If these are not present, the value of eTimes.03 will be used. Missing servicedate/eArrest.14 will produce a [WARNING] while improper value will produce a [FATAL] error.
  • First Arrest Rhythm is required - either custom element FirstRhythm or eArrest.11 must be present with a valid value. NV not allowed. Missing will produce a [ERROR] while improper value will produce a [FATAL] error.
  • As of August 2018 - Custom elements AgencyID and FormID must be present with a value - will produce a [FATAL] error if missing or nil.
  • The following custom elements must be present with a correct value. Except FirstResponder, a [FATAL] violation will occur if an improper value is passed, meaning the file will be rejected. A missing value will produce a [ERROR].:
    • ArrestWitnessed
    • ArrestAfterArrivalEMS
    • WhoFirstAppliedAED is required if eArrest.07 is Yes - (3007003 or 3007005)
    • If WhoFirstAppliedAED = First Responder, (non-EMS) then PoliceAED is required with a correct value.
    • LocationType
    • InitiatedCPR
    • ResusAttemptEMS
    • SustainedROSC
    • EndOfEvent
    • FirstDefibPatient
    • if FirstDefibPatient = First Responder, (non-EMS) then PoliceDefib is required with a correct value.
  • FirstResponder must be present and not nil.
  • The following NEMSIS elements are required by CARES and must be present with a value (no NV/nil). Except where noted, these are [ERROR] level:
    • Incident Number (eResponse.03) [FATAL] value required- file will fail in parsing without this.
    • Incident Address (eScene.15)
    • Incident County (eScene.21)
    • Incident City (eScene.17)
    • Incident State (eScene.18)
    • Incident Zip (eScene.19)
    • Patient Last Name (ePatient.02)
    • Patient First Name (ePatient.03)
    • Either Patient Age (ePatient.15/16) or Date of Birth (ePatient.17)
    • Destination Hospital (eDisposition.02) if End of Event is Pronounced Dead in ED or Ongoing Resuscitation in ED
    • Patient Gender (ePatient.13)
    • Patient Ethnicity (ePatient.14) required (or pass an NV or EthnicityUnknown must equal 8)
    • Presumed Cardiac Arrest Etiology (eArrest.02)
    • Was an AED applied prior to EMS Arrival (eArrest.07)
    • Was Hypothermia provided in the field (3.4.0-eProcedure.03; 3.3.4-eArrest.10) [WARNING]
  • If used, the following optional custom elements must contain the proper value/format (can be omitted or nil). All of the below will constitute a [FATAL] violation, meaning the file will be rejected:
    • BystanderCPRProvidedID
    • CPRInstructionsProvided
    • 911RespCPR
    • ROSCStart
    • DefibTime
    • NoFRDisp
    • FRDispatched
    • FREnroute
    • FROnscene
    • MechCPRDeviceID
    • CPRFeedbackDevice
    • DrugAdministration
    • ITDID
    • VascularAccessID
    • STEMI
    • EROutcome
    • Hypothermia_Provided_Hosp
    • HospOutcome
    • HospOutcomeDNR
    • EROutcomeTrans
    • HospOutcomeTrans
    • HospOutcomeDNRTrans
    • HospDispositionTrans
    • NeuroOutcomeTrans
    • Hypothermia_Provided_Hosp_Trans
    • MyocardialInfarction
    • CoronaryAngiography
    • CoronaryAngiographyDateTime
    • CardiacStent
    • CABGPerformed
    • ICDPlaced
    • HypoNotInitiatedHosp
    • DischargeDeathDateTime
    • InitiatedCPRLaw
    • TimeSusRosc
  • If NULL or null is passed as a value in the following elements, the file will be rejected [FATAL]:
    • FirstResponder
    • DOB_Unknown
  • Any PatientCareReport with more than one ArrestWitnessed element per PatientCareReport will be flagged as an [ERROR]. These records fail at database level and must be resubmitted.

Test data sent to the Beta server should not contain any PHI.


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