Data Sharing Committee

Data Sharing Committee:

Goals of the data sharing committee:

  • To oversee the use of the data belonging to EMS agencies and hospitals and protect agency and hospital confidentiality
  • To ensure that all involved parties have consented to the use of their data, or, if the research or analysis is de-identified, cumulative data, that it is approved by a committee
  • To ensure participation and support from all stakeholders.
  • To avoid duplication of effort and data mining

When data sharing committee approval is needed:

  • When someone is requesting aggregate, de-identified data for analysis, research or quality improvement initiatives. This includes data analysis that is for purposes other than research.

When data sharing committee approval is not needed:

  • When a local agency is analyzing their own data
  • When a group of local agencies have collectively agreed on the analysis in writing
  • Data used for annual summary reporting

Researchers interested in obtaining aggregate, de-identified data will:

  • Submit a data sharing application to include a project summary (see detailed instructions in the Data Sharing User Guidelines Document on our website). National-level data requests will be reviewed by the CARES National Data Sharing Committee. Requests for state-level data should be made through the respective state data sharing committees and will be handled by state coordinators. The state coordinators' contact information can be found on the Contact Us tab of the CARES homepage.
  • Review and sign a CARES data sharing agreement.
  • Obtain local IRB approval and provide a copy of the approval letter prior to CARES data being provided.
  • Respect a timeline to completion of three months for an abstract and nine months for a publication.
  • Submit a final version of their project for review and approval by the committee prior to publication of either an abstract or manuscript.
  • Expect to get feedback within 6-8 weeks of initial request.

Committee members will:

  • Review proposals
  • Make suggestions
  • Approve/disapprove
  • Review final abstract or publication before release

Current Data Sharing Committee Members

Dr. Justin Benoit

  • University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH

Dr. Paul Chan

  • Saint Luke's Mid America Heart Institute, Kansas City, MO

Dr. Saket Girotra

  • University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine, Iowa City, IA

Dr. Robert Swor

  • William Beaumont Hospital, Royal Oak, MI

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