b'Cardiac Arrest Survivor AllianceA home for people affected by cardiac arrestThe Sudden Cardiac Arrest Foundation (SCAF) has launched a new program, the Cardiac Arrest Survivor Alliance (CASA), to address the growing need to support cardiac arrest survivors and loved ones in their post-resuscitation journeys. The need for such a community came to the forefront after growing recognition among medical professionals about the importance of recovery for patients and families.As the number of cardiac arrest survivors continues to grow, the need for survivorship support has become paramount. CASA is led by a team of physicians, psychologists, advocates, and stakeholders. It offers an online community for survivors, co-survivors, lay rescuers, and advocates. Members have access to evidence-based resources, peer support, webinars, and meetups to help them recover, re-engage, and thrive. Currently, CASA has more than 1,350 members from throughout the U.S. and 24 other countries, most of whom (75%) are survivors. Based on platform analytics, the organization has an exceptionally high engagement rate. CASA is funded by SCAF with generous support from the American Heart Association. CARES participants are invited to share information about CASA with patients and families. For information, visit https://casahearts.org (public site). To join CASA, visit https://community.casahearts.org/ (private site).\x1f 1. Sawyer, KN, Camp-Rogers, TR, Kotini-Shah, P, et al. Sudden Cardiac Arrest Survivorship: A Scientific Statement From theAmerican Heart Association. Circulation, 141(12), e654e685.Testimonials from CASA MembersIm so glad this site is here for survivors like me. I was so scared and knew very little when I joined. So many survivors reached out to me with so much love, understanding and knowledge. I recently had my ICD defibrillator placed and thanks to everyones kind words and helpful hints I was prepared for surgery and what to expect after. I cant thank SCAF enough for giving me this gift to connect and not feel alone. This is such an amazing place.As a SCA co-survivor, I am really glad that the Cardiac Arrest Survivor Alliance sponsors this online support group. When catastrophic health issues descend out of the blue, and doctors and other health providers have little to offer by way of support, or even information, in the aftermath, it has been very helpful to have this group. Sharing information and emotional support helps lessen the feelings of isolation and the sense that others really do not know what SCA is. At some point, this information may help healthcare providers do a better job of helping survivors with coping after the event(s).The SCA organization is a vital tool for victims of SCA. We are a unique breed that have survived what seems impossible, beat the odds, and gave death a holiday. SCA is not over after a hospital trip and an ICD implant, recovery must take place and it is different for every individual. Without this organization, I would have found myself going through this on my own because unless you have had a SCA you cannot possibly understand what we have gone through. This is by far my number one site.CASA has been a place for me as a co-survivor to experience with other co-survivors what we cant experience anywhere else. I share and read most of the stories with my spouse (the survivor). It helps us both in our journey. Most people think once you are home and past the recovery period everything is okay, but they dont understand what a life changing experience SCA is for the survivor and co-survivor.12 13'