b"Jim Valenti , Mansfield Fire, TXLocal police officer, Jim Valenti, experienced a life-threatening cardiac arrest triggered by multiple wasp stings due to a known allergy. Quick action from his wife, who called 911, and his daughter, who initiated CPR and administered a second epi-pen, along with guidance from the 911 dispatcher, ensured Jim arrived at the medical facility with a pulse. Thanks to the coordinated efforts of his care team at Mansfield Fire and bystander intervention, Jim survived neurologically intact and has since returned to duty as an officer.Loved Ones Lifesaving ActionsDavid Mills , Vista Fire Dept., CADavid Mills suffered sudden cardiac arrest triggered by ventricular fibrillation at home. His wife, Georgia, found him pulseless and quickly called 911, while his grandson, Jacob, initiated CPR under guidance from a 911 operator, maintaining oxygen circulation until help arrived. At Tri-City Medical Center, David received continuous CPR and defibrillation, resulting in his revival after an extraordinary 70-minute resuscitation effort. Now on the road to recovery, David expresses gratitude for the coordinated efforts that saved his life.Read more about David's story here.Brian Duffy , Ocala Fire and Marion County Fire, FLWhen Brian Duffy suffered cardiac arrest at home, his pregnant fiance sprang into action, initiating CPR alongside an Ocala PD officer. Their quick and effective response led to a return of spontaneous circulation (ROSC) after multiple rounds of CPR. Even after a subsequent loss of pulse, continued efforts by Ocala FD and Marion County Fire Rescue, including the use of a LUCAS device, proved successful. Thanks to her lifesaving intervention, Mr. Duffy regained a pulse upon arrival at HCA Ocala Hospital, where he made a remarkable recovery and was discharged home after just two days. Watch Brian's patient testimonial here.Everyday Champions: Off-Duty First Responders in ActionGerald Keener ,Eugene Springfield Fire & PeaceHealth, ORIn a parking lot near Eugenes Saturday Market, strangers from three states rallied to save Gerry Keeners life when he went into cardiac arrest. Tiya Craven discovered Gerry and initiated help, assisted by a team of bystanders including Tish Ericson, RN, Sierra Ericson, Scott Hexum, EMT (ret.), Laticia Lehman, RN, and PulsePoint responder Megan. Gerry and his wife Carolyn reunited with these bystanders at a HEARTSafe Eugene Springfield celebration, honored with HEARTSaver and Kiwanis Internationals Everyday Hero awards. Michele Apicella, RN, Gerrys neighbor, supported his recovery by checking on him daily post-hospitalization.Mike Stewart , Seward County Sherrifs Dept., NEDuring a pickleball tournament, retired Lt. Mike Stewart experienced a sudden cardiac arrest. Quick-thinking friends and law enforcement officers, including Deputy Jordan Legband and Officer Zach Pilcher, initiated CPR and used an AED to shock Mike back to life. Despite uncertainty about the cause, Mike received timely medical attention, including cardiac catheterization and a stent placement. Officer Bryce Johnson ensured Mikes family stayed informed throughout the ordeal. Grateful for the swift response, the community honored the heroes involved for their lifesaving efforts.Martin Rust , Superior Ambulance Service, PAMartin Rust collapsed in cardiac arrest while shopping at a local Walmart in Grove City. Rachel Stevenson, a bystander and nurse recently recertified in CPR, rushed to his aid upon hearing calls for help. She immediately began hands-only CPR as Courtney Pat-terson, on 911 EMS dispatch, activated Superior Ambulance Service. Paramedic Douglas Dick and his team swiftly arrived, administering CPR and defibrillating Mr. Rust, who re-gained a pulse after the first shock. During transport to AHN Grove City, Mr. Rust showed signs of improvement, including spontaneous respirations and a strong pulse upon arrival at the hospital.10 11"