b'Literal Lifesavers Meet the heroes of 2022. These six individuals were all aided intheir cardiac arrest recovery by strangers. Jerry ParrisTom ColbertKamathi Long Ann Arbor Fire Department, MI Fairfax County Fire & Rescue, VACrowley Fire, TXDaniel Mendez called 911 while DavidTom Colbert was playing golf when heAthletic trainer Amanda Ortega was off Canada started CPR after Jerry collapsedcollapsed. Six bystanders immediatelyduty attending her sons basketball at an ultimate frisbee game. Fortunately,stepped up to help. They started CPRgame in Crowley, TX. Half-way through David had taken part in a CPR trainingand retrieved an AED from an outdoorthe game, a 17-year-old player from the just weeks prior. After an intense 10access box on the course and providedopposing team went into cardiac arrest. minutes of CPR, Jerrys color returned,defibrillation and CPR. Amanda sprinted down from the stands, and paramedics arrived. began CPR, and used the AED that the Watch the resuscitation reunion here team had brought to courtside.Read more hereRead more here Josiah YeadonMike GarlandLarry Friel Dorchester County EMS, SC Delhi Township Fire Department, MIGMR Waterbury, CTWhen 13-year-old Josiah left the lockerTwo weeks into retirement, formerLarry was dining with a group of 40 room after football practice, heMichigan State University basketballpeople when his heart suddenly collapsed on the field. As soon ascoach, Mike Garland was driving with hisstopped. Jill Irwin, a dental hygienist that athletic trainer Amanda Moon caughtwife when he suffered a cardiac arrestlearned CPR several years prior, put her wind of what happened from otherand struck a tree. Within seconds, twoskills training to use for the first time students, she sprang into action andmen stopped and took action. Mikeever. used an AED defibrillator on the teen.started a non-profit, Champions of the Heart, to raise awareness in hisRead more here Read more here community.Read more here11'