b'CARES 2022 Annual ReportSurvivors of Cardiac Arrest In 2022, CARES reported 13,794 out-of-hospital cardiac arrest survivors. We are pleased to share the stories of a few, and acknowledge the individualsdispatchers, bystanders, first responders, paramedics, and hospital providersinvolved in saving their lives. Pamela MakerKen IisakaDiana Swift Charleston County EMS, SCTexas Health Harris Fort Worth, TX Taney County Ambulance, MOImmediate bystander CPR savedClassical music filled BassWhile visiting from out-of-state, Pamela Makers life after shePerformance Hall as the pianistsDiana Swift experienced a cardiac suffered a sudden cardiac arrest infingers delicately danced across thearrest. Its estimated that 15 -20 her home. Since her event, she haskeys. Hearing the applause andpeople were involved in delivering become a community spokespersonexiting the stage, Ken Iisakapre-hospital emergency care to for the importance of CPR. She hascollapsed, seconds after he finishedDiana, including dispatchers from become a CPR instructor and hostsperforming. Thanks to Texas Healththree dispatch agencies, first community CPR events. She alsoHarris Methodist Hospital Fort Worthresponders, and Taney County started a nonprofit, Lets Save a Lifeusing a new lifesaving protocol, aAmbulances crew. Diana is most Foundation, to bring moregrateful Iisaka will soon be back atthankful to responders for giving her awareness to sudden cardiac arrest. the keys.more time with her 5 grandchildren.Watch her story hereRead more here Read more hereWatch the reunion here It Takes a Village TBD On the evening of August 11th, 2022, Falck Medic 107 and Aurora Fire Rescue Engine 10 (Colorado) were dispatched to a private residence for reports of a 1-year-old male that was pulseless and apneic. The patients mother reported that he had become unresponsive, turned blue and did not have a pulse. The units arrived on scene within 7 minutes and working in unison to provide life-saving measures. Due to the quick response of City Dispatch, the Aurora Police Department, Falck, and Aurora Fire Rescue, this child was able to leave the hospital neurologically intact. Today he is 10healthy, happy and with his family.'