b'CARES Annual Report 2019 | 9emergency medical responders an average of 8 minutes to arrive on scene. Therefore, immediate action from family or community members is imperative for any chance at surviving. Lynns personal lack of knowledge about SCA, CPR and defibrillation led her to believe that much more needed to be done to properly address this preventable cause of death. In 2010, three years after the event, Lynn made it her lifes mission to help save others by establishing a nonprofit, Starting Hearts 1 , dedicated to saving the lives of SCA victims. She now advocates for: Free accessible training: Many people are reluctant to commit time and money for traditional certification courses. Simplified, free, accessible education is needed. Lynn coined the phrase CALL. PUSH. SHOCK. and produced a training program which teaches participants how to recognize SCA (which is a sudden collapse/not breathing) and how to perform the three steps required to save a life: 1.CALL 911 2.PUSH hard and fast on the center of the chest or perform CPR 3.SHOCK using the nearest defibrillator Thousands of people have received this free training. Access to resources: Only one in 10 citizens knows the exact location of a defibrillator. Lynn worked to secure funding to place hundreds of new defibrillatorsPublic defibrillator in Vail, CO. in public locations, increasing the total in her community to more than 500 for a population of 50,000, perhaps the highest per capita in the world. She also worked with legislators to advance new laws regarding defibrillators in the state of Colorado. The legislation increases immunity for anyone attempting to save a life and encourages defibrillator placement from schools to all public places. Nationwide tracking: Sudden cardiac arrest is not being tracked on a national basis. Because of this, data needed for vital research and treatment options is lacking. Lynn believes that data collection is the most important factor in increasing survival rates of SCA. In 2014, she led the effort to implement CARES in her community of Eagle County, Colorado. This proved that the survival rate is 2.5 times higher than the national average. In 2019, Lynn again championed a statewide initiative to implement CARES throughout all of Colorado. Now Lynn is working with Presidential daughter and fellow SCA Survivor, Susan Ford Bales, to encourage legislators to mandate the reporting of SCA nationwide.Lynn is extremely grateful for this second chance at life and there is no doubt that many lives have been and will continue to be saved because of her efforts. Through education, access to resources and data collection, Lynn is confident that we can stop sudden cardiac arrest in its tracks.1 https://www.startinghearts.orgContact Information: Lynn Blake | lynngblake@gmail.com.'