b'CARES Annual Report 2019 | 43Sidsel Moeller, Carolina Malta Hansen, MatthewUtility Of A Prehospital "Crashing Patient" Care Dupre, Tom Rea, Sean Van Diepen, Lisa Monk, ClarkBundle In Reducing The Incidence Of Post Ems Tyson, Bryan McNally, Monique AnNderson Starks,Contact Cardiac Arrest Of Critically Ill Medical Christopher Fordyce, Jenny Shin, Fredrik FolkePatients. National Association of EMS Physicians Folke, Christian Torp-pedersen, James Jollis,Annual Meeting; 2019 January 07-12; Austin, TX. Christopher Bull Granger. Higher Mortality From Cardiac Arrest In North Carolina VersusAmanda Amen, Patrick Karabon, Cherie Bartram, Washington State And Denmark: Implications ForKevin Irwin, Robert Dunne, Margaret Wolff, Improving Systems Of Care. American HeartMohamud Daya, Kimberly Vellano, Bryan McNally, Association Resuscitation Science Symposium; 2019Robert Swor, Oakland University William Beaumont November 16-17; Philadelphia, PA.School of Medicine. Disparities In Receipt And Utilization Of Telecommunicator Cpr Instruction. Shobi Mathew, James H Paxton, Brian Reed, JosephNational Association of EMS Physicians Annual B Miller, Howard Klausner, Robert Dunne, BrianMeeting; 2019 January 07-12; Austin, TX. ONeil. Factors Contributing To Out-Of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest Mortality Trends In The City OfDavid Cone, Kevin Burns, Kimberly Vellano, Bryan Detroit (2014-2018). American Heart AssociationMcNally, Yale University School of Medicine. Resuscitation Science Symposium; 2019 NovemberSudden Cardiac Arrest Survival In Heartsafe 16-17; Philadelphia, PA.Communities. National Association of EMS Physicians Annual Meeting; 2019 January 07-12; David A Berger, Nai-Wei Chen, Joseph B Miller,Austin, TX. Robert Dean Welch, Joshua C Reynolds, James M PRIBBLE, Robert A Swor. Variation Of Post ArrestMark Lehman, Douglas Kupas, Anne Knorr, Andrea Survival To Discharge And Cerebral PerformanceBerger, Division of EMS, Geisinger Health System. Category 1/2 In State Of Michigan. American HeartComparison Of Survival Outcomes And Factors Association Resuscitation Science Symposium; 2019Associated With Out-Of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest November 16-17; Philadelphia, PA.From Presumed Overdose Etiology In Pennsylvania. National Association of EMS Julie Tram, Andrew Pressman, Nai-Wei Chen, DavidPhysicians Annual Meeting; 2019 January 07-12; Berger, Joseph B Miller, Robert Dean Welch, JoshuaAustin, TX. C Reynolds, James M Pribble, Ronny Otero, Robert A Swor. Ventricular Assist Device Association InDouglas Kupas, Mark Olaf, Anne Knorr, Andrea Improving Outcomes In Patients ResuscitatedBerger, Division of EMS, Geisinger Health System. From Out Of Hospital Cardiac Arrest. AmericanPreliminary Evaluation Of The American Heart Heart Association Resuscitation ScienceAssociation Termination Of Resuscitation Criteria Symposium; 2019 November 16-17; Philadelphia,In The Pediatric Population Using The Cardiac PA.Arrest Registry To Enhance Survival. National Association of EMS Physicians Annual Meeting; Alyssa Vermeulen, Marina Del Rios, Teri Lynn2019 January 07-12; Austin, TX. Campbell, Hai Nguyen, Hoang H Nguyen. Forecasting Out-Of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest In TheMark Olaf, Douglas Kupas, Anne Knorr, Andrea Young Using Generalized Additive Model: ABerger, CARES Surveillance Group, Geisinger Health Network Analysis Of The Cardiac Arrest RegistrySystem Validation Of American Heart Association. For Enhanced Survival In Chicago. American HeartTermination Of Resuscitation Criteria And Association Resuscitation Science Symposium; 2019Comparison To Shibahashi Criteria In A United November 16-17; Philadelphia, PA.States Out-Of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest Population. National Association of EMS Physicians Annual Christopher Berry, Douglas Kupas, Mark Olaf, AnneMeeting; 2019 January 07-12; Austin, TX. Knorr, Andrea Berger, Division of EM, Geisinger Health System. In Out-Of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest,Ryan Overberger, Arun Thomas, Kamran Longer On Scene Times Are Associated WithMohiuddin, Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia. A Higher Survival Rates: Scoop And Run May BeComparison Of Outcomes Following A Change Deadly. National Association of EMS PhysiciansFrom Therapeutic Hypothermia To Targeted Annual Meeting; 2019 January 07-12; Austin, TX.Normothermia In Patients Suffering Out-Of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest. National Association of Mark Pinchalk, Adam Palmer, James Dlutowski,EMS Physicians Annual Meeting; 2019 January 07-John Mooney, Adam Studebaker, Simon Taxel, Jeff12; Austin, TX. Reim, Jr., Phillips Frank, City of Pittsburgh EMS.'