CARES Annual Report 2018 | 35 Hospital Survival The CARES Hospital Survival Report allows receiving centers to view summary metrics for their patient population. The report follows a flow diagram format, categorizing arrests by sustained ROSC in the field, initial rhythm, and patient outcome, and also allows for filtering of patients by whether they were transported by EMS or transferred from another acute care facility. Figure 21 shows the National CARES Hospital Survival Report for 2018. Among all patients transported to a hospital, the survival to admission rate was 43.8% and the survival to discharge rate was 16.1%. Survival to hospital discharge was substantially higher among those who achieved sustained ROSC in the field (31.1%) compared with those who did not (2.3%), and among those who were transferred from another facility (46.5%) compared with patients who were transported directly by EMS (14.5%). Figure 21. 2018 CARES Non-Traumatic Etiology Hospital Survival Report.